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If you are searching for some high quality and exciting online fishing games to play, then you have landed in the right place. These are challenging online fishing games where your talents will be tested, and you will have to prove your abilities; you have to show how great you are at catching a fish.

In these games, you can get fish from everywhere throughout the world. Catch all kinds of fish and get different prizes, then improve your fishing accessories and purchase an entirely new boat, fishing equipment, fishing rods and other various accessories. These then will help you to catch an assortment of fishes in more productive way.


Begin your dangerous and fierce fish eating experience! Grow bigger and stronger by eating others. Show that no one is safe in your fish kingdom.

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Play best shark fishing games online! Lead your shark through dangerous waters and destroy everything that gets in your way. Just select a game, pick up your shark and let the bloodthirsty shark adventure begin.

Medieval SharkNew York Shark Attackprehistoric-sharkmiami_sharkSydney Sharklos-angeles-sharkthe-killer-whaleshark-mountain


Bass fishing games are very close to realistic fishing. You will be able to select various exotic places and catch all kinds of fish there. Don’t forget to take your virtual fishing equipment with you.

Now you don’t need to travel hundreds of miles to get to the place – a perfect fishing place will be right in a browser, in front of your eyes. With these games, you will always have wonderful experience and fun.

Hooked MonsterSummer-Lake-Fishinglake-fishing-3lake-fishing-2lake-fishing-1fishing-hunting-trophycave-lakeforest-lake-fishingfishing-for-nemosea-fishinggo-fishingfishing-trip-online


In these online fish catching games, you will play a role of a fisherman and your aim will be catching the greatest number of fish as you can, using only your bait and hook.



The vast majority of these online flash fishing games you will play using either your computer mouse or the arrow keys. Playing these games won’t just bring you a great fun, it will likewise show you how to get and catch a fish, what trap to use for a different kind of fish and which fishing equipment is best to utilize. Procedures for catching fishes include hand gathering, netting, spearing, and trapping.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your fishing gear, ready up your equipment and start fishing like crazy to become the ultimate fisherman! Have fun playing at

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