Bass Fishing Games

You will simply enjoy catching numerous fish species, for example, Bass, Cod, Tuna, Karp, Pike, Salmon or Swordfish. Most of these games have different pointing systems, various fish will give you more points than others thus enabling you to purchase better equipment.

It’s really an incredible approach to virtual fishing. You will have a wonderful fishing experience without costing a penny on fishing supplies like – lines, rods, reels, lures, nets, traps, tackle boxes, hooks, floats, sinkers, baits, spears, gaffs, waders and other equipment.

You will also travel many different places – whose fishermen would not want to catch an exotic fish in Amazon river or Deep Sea. Lake fishing, ocean fishing, sea fishing and many other wonderful places.

Have a seat, relax and have a beer. And then gently keep watching your rod and hold up until it catches fish. Reel in once while the hook begins shaking and wish for the biggest fish that you had always desired! Perhaps you got a huge Catfish this time! Purchase a boat to sail away into the open ocean to have the greatest ocean fishing experience.

1. Hooked Monster

hooked-monster-2 hooked-monster-1

Welcome to the world of Hooked Monster! You have to start the game by choosing your preferred fishing location and also the bait you are going to use. Lure, live bait and a lot more are available in this game.

The impressive graphics and weather will multiply the joy of capturing plenty of fishes. But, you need to stay calm and have patience until the fish takes the bait. Once the fish swallows the hook, you have to take it out of the water, and it’s the real action of this game. Interestingly, while playing the game, you will get a very realistic feeling of fishing.

2. Summer Lake Fishing

Summer-Lake-Fishing-1 Summer-Lake-Fishing-2

This is another fantastic and realistic lake fishing game. This game is very relaxing and full of fun.

3. Lake Fishing 3

lake-fishing-3-1 lake-fishing-3-2

Guess how exciting it can be if you go in the deep woods and start fishing on a beautiful lake! Quite amazing, right? Yes, you are going to experience this adventure and excitement in this game.

What you need to do is – picking the best spot for fishing. Aim your target where you want to cast the bait. Observe the fishing line carefully to capture the fish at the right moment.

When you catch a fish, the picture and info on the fish will be shown on the screen. You can click anywhere on your monitor screen to keep fishing. It’s possible to be a professional and expert lake fisher by practicing this realistic fishing simulator game.

4. Lake Fishing 2

lake-fishing-2-1 lake-fishing-2-2

It’s another sequel game of the Lake Fishing series. In this competition, all you need to do is – picking the best suitable spot for fishing. Then relax and enjoy fishing.

5. Lake Fishing 1

lake-fishing-1-1 lake-fishing-1-2

Choose your preferred location and start the game. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy fishing in this highly relaxing and realistic fishing game.

6. Fishing Trip

fishing-trip-game-1 fishing-trip-game-2

You will find two gameplay modes in this fishing trip game. One is the Campaign Mode, and another is the Action Mode.

It doesn’t matter which style you choose; you have to battle with the time. But, the Campaign Mode is a bit more complicated as it needs you to capture sequences of uniform fishes to progress to the next level. Are you ready to face the challenge?

If you can pass the first level, you will be rewarded with the game cash, which will help you to buy gear that will aid you to pass the increasingly severe levels. But in the Action mode, you will be occupied with all the required ‘ammunition’ from the beginning. All you need to in this Action mode is – catching a lot of fishes to pass the levels.

7. Fishing Hunting for Trophy

fishing-hunting-trophy-1 fishing-hunting-trophy-2

The task is quite simple and similar to the other fishing games. You have to capture the maximum possible fishes to earn the highest possible cash. Capture a lot of fishes to make a lot of money and also catch the highest quality fishes to earn more profits.

Grab the fishing pole and get set for fishing. Sit tight until the bait gets swallowed by the fish. When the fish is hooked, carefully remove it from the water.

Undoubtedly, the excitement of fishing will get multiplied due to the superb graphics, effects and natural sounds around you. Above all, it will amaze you.

8. Cave Lake Fishing

cave-lake-1 cave-lake-2

This is also a pretty simple yet addictive game where you have to pick a location as well as a cave first. And then you go for fishing.

Grab your fishing pole, cast it into the water, relax and wait. Wait until the fish takes the bait. Undoubtedly, you will like the lovely sound effects and fantastic graphics quality of the game which will make you feel like you are really in that place.

It’s a good idea to enjoy the game with your friends, and you can also compete with them to evaluate who is more expert in catching fish. Unquestionably, this game will soothe your mind and revive your day. Wish you a great luck and have a magnificent time.

9. Forest Lake Fishing

forest-lake-fishing-1 forest-lake-fishing-2

You can consider it as the best substitute of real life fishing where you are free to enjoy fishing while you are sitting in your desk chair at your office.

Though Forest Lake fishing games are virtual fishing games, yet you can develop your fishing skills playing them on your computer.

In this game, you can feel the excitement of catching crucian, pike, bream, perch, roach and so on. You will have the option to use several types of baits. According to the number of fishes you catch, the fishing place will be changed. Catching more fishes will open up the door to enter a new and more beautiful fishing place.

10. Fishing for Nemo

fishing-for-nemo-1 fishing-for-nemo-2

Quite a simple method – you need to throw your fishing rod into the water and sit tight until any fish swallows the bait and then pull your fishing stick out of the water to catch it. Fishing for Nemo is a quite difficult task while he knows to hide very well.

11. Sea Fishing

sea-fishing-2 sea-fishing-1

Come and catch sharks, tuna, and a lot more in this sea fishing game. Buddy, it looks great out there in a vast virtual sea.

12. Go Fishing

go-fishing-1 go-fishing-2

It’s an excellent and extremely enjoyable fishing game. All you need to is – pressing the cast button to unroll your fishing line to start fishing. Watch for the strike and then press and hold the pull button and wait for a while until you have removed the fish out of the water.

13. Fishing Trip Online

fishing-trip-online-1 fishing-trip-online-2

You will certainly enjoy this fishing due to the fantastic relaxing background music and all the natural environment along with the awesome realistic graphics and marvelous sound effect.

Cast your bait and wait until a fish bites the bait and then pull – that’s it.

You are free to catch as many fishes as you are capable of finding. If you can catch bigger and tougher fish, you will earn more points. You will simply love this mind-soothing game for sure.

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