Hooked Monster

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To cast click mouse while quickly moving in the direction where you’d like your line to land. The faster you move the mouse the further your line will be cast.

Once your line is in the water, use the mouse to control your rod. Clicking the mouse or any key on the keyboard activates the reel.

Game Details

Hooked Monster

Welcome to the world of Hooked Monster! You have to start the game by choosing your preferred fishing location and also the bait you are going to use. Lure, live bait and a lot more are available in this game.

The impressive graphics and weather will multiply the joy of capturing plenty of fishes. But, you need to stay calm and have patience until the fish takes the bait. 

Once the fish swallows the hook, you have to take it out of the water, and it’s the real action of this game. Interestingly, while playing the game, you will get a very realistic feeling of fishing.

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