Summer Lake Fishing

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If you're a fishing fan you then will know which lure works best with certain kind of fish.

You can turn the sound On / off as well but I recommended for you to play it with the sound ON. It will make your gaming experience more realistic and may give you the feeling like you actually fishing on that lake.

Game Details

Summer Lake Fishing

Summer Lake is an online fishing video game where you can do a large number of different fishing activities. By catching a fish using your fly rod, you will make money, that is the critical element of this fishing game.

With the cash you earn, you will be able to buy different lake places. And having unlocked different locations, you will be able to catch different size, shape, and type of fishes. Each site cost a specific amount of money; you can check how much by merely clicking the left area of your display screen, the menu will pop out with all sort of different options.

New lake places are not the only thing you can buy in this game. You can even buy brand-new rods. And each rod features specific power, the more powerful the rod, the greater the purchase price. You should always shoot for more powerful rods because in that way you can catch more powerful and big fishes that you can trade at a higher selling price. Rods look different from each other, and on some lake spots you need to use a specific fishing rod, so give consideration to that.

You will also need to use various lures for your fishing rod. You have more than 20 different types of lures which you can use. Different lures work better for different kinds of fish, so invest your money in new baits as you earn cash.

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