Fish Catching Games

You will have the chance to catch fish in excellent and exotic spots from all around the globe. You can travel and try to get all the uncommon sort of a fish. Thus you will advance and contend with players from all around the globe.

You will be able to create a fishing career for yourself through unlocking and purchasing all sorts of fishing equipment and fishing rods. There is a great chance to explore the nature and magnificent places for fishing in these games.

Much more magnificent and fun things are waiting for you in these marvelous, fun and somewhat difficult fishing games.

Our website is the ideal spot where you can enjoy playing fishing games and relax at the same.

1. Fishy Waters

fishy-waters-1 fishy-waters-2

Probably, you have never played such an addictive and fun fishing game before, and this game doesn’t match with any other typical fishing game.

The aim is simple and straightforward – sail around, discover a shadow of the fish and then throw your bait. When the fish swallows the bait, reel the fishing pole and take the fish out of the water.

To land the fish, you need to use the arrows. In a case of your mistype, the hook will be removed, and the fish will escape.

Check out the map and find out different fishing locations.

Also look for local markets as you have to sell the collected fishes. In the markets, you will also find different shops to spend your money on the development of your equipment.

2. Fishtopia Tycoon

fishtopia-tycoon-1 fishtopia-tycoon-2

It’s a huge game where you have to control an entire fishing company. Your job starts from catching fish, and you need to manage the full operation.

You will have to breed the monsters also. At last, you have to sell the fish at the fish market to earn a profit.

3. Sushi Fishing

sushi-fishing-1 sushi-fishing-2

It’s an unusual combination of Sushi and Fishing. Your aim will be catching 25 Tuna for the Sushi Chef.

And then you have to eat the snacks made by the Sushi Chef. In case, you capture a baby Rockfish, you will lose the game.

4. Super Dynamite Fishing

Super Dynamite Fishing 1 Super Dynamite Fishing 2

Get prepared for the wildest fishing trip of your life.

In this game, you are going to use the most devastating weapon with the greatest blasting power for fishing. No fish is going to escape as you have to dry out the water first.

Take your fishing boat and sail around. Find seas, rivers, and ponds that are filled with fishes. Release the gill breathers to dry out the water of the water bodies to start catching fishes.

5. Fishing Champion

fishing-champion-1 fishing-champion-3

You need to earn a certain degree of money to pass each level and to proceed to the next step.

So, don’t sit tight; just start casting your fishing line.

When you need to activate the power meter, you should click on the fishing pole. And then release the mouse to throw the bait.

6. Fishing Master

acool-fishing-master-1 acool-fishing-master-3

This is a perfect fishing game for polishing your fishing skills.

Start practicing by capturing a lot of various kinds of colorful sea creatures.

To control the hook correctly just use the mouse.

7. Fishing Tactics

fishing-tactics-1 fishing-tactics-2

You need to be quite expert in operating mouse as this game requires the excellent mouse skill of the player and it’s a complete uncommon fishing game.

In this game, you have to find out a uniform fish group and then you need to sketch a shape just with free hand drawing.

After that, the game will examine whether all the fishes covered by the sketch are identical or not.

8. Fishing Panda

fishing-panda-1 fishing-panda-2

Trust me on this one. Panda prefers fishes more than bamboos. So, let’s capture some fishes using the SUPER fishing device.

You need to apply the ultimate weapons very wisely, and thus you will be able to unlock new species of fishes and new spots!

9. Harpoon Lagoon

harpoon-lagoon-1 harpoon-lagoon-2

Use harpoon to hook fish, treasures and various other sea creatures to earn your targeted score and game cash at each round.

And then buy power-ups to catch fish more efficiently.

10. Bass Fishing Pro

bass-fishing-pro-1 bass-fishing-pro-2

Before the time expires, catch all the fishes you need to pass the level.

This game is quite harder than most of the standard fishing games.

11. Deep Sea Fishing

Deep-Sea-Fishing-2 Deep-Sea-Fishing-1

It’s very exciting and adventurous to catch fishes in the Deep Sea. So, the game is worth to try.

12. Super Fishing

super-fishing-1 super-fishing-2

You are capable of moving your boat back and forth just by using your mouse.

Click and hold the mouse to cast the line. The more fishes you can collect, the more points and extra times you will earn. But watch out for the lighting strikes and the sea junk.

13. Fishing Penguin

fishing-penguin-1 fishing-penguin-2

This Fishing Penguin is very expert to catch fishes. Fill your bucket with lots of fishes before the time expires. Your points will rise with a number of fishes you catch.

Try to grab a clock to increase your fishing time. Catching bonefish will reduce your time. So, better stay away from that thing.

Once the game time is up, you will get the report of your total score.

14. Crazy Fishing

Crazy Fishing 1 Crazy Fishing 2

You will play the character of a fisherman in this game. The ocean is filled with numerous underwater animals, including large sharks and small fishes.

Your aim is to collect as many fishes as possible within the allotted game time. You will be given with certain mission at each level which you have to complete within a specified time.

You will achieve points and extra time for catching each single fish. You may lose points and time by capturing different objects.

15. Fishing Deluxe

fishing-deluxe-1 fishing-deluxe-2

You can take a ship or a weapon to catch fishes in this fishing game. All you require to do is – throwing the harpoon aiming at the fishes.

Collect a lot of fishes and earn a lot of money.

16. Magic Fishing

Magic-Fishing-2 Magic-Fishing-1

Miba is a beginner angler who likes to sail in her tiny fishing boat. She requires serious assistance from you to catch fish properly.

All you have to do to help her is – observing the arrows and at the moment a button appears, you have to press it in time to aid her to fill the bucket with fishes.

17. Fishing – Cast The Line

fishing-cast-line-1 fishing-cast-line-2

Run with the time and capture all the fishes within the fixed time.

You need to try to hook up the fishes to catch it. If you succeed to collect all the fishes within the allotted time, you will earn game cash which you may spend on buying more fishing equipment.

18. Fishing Bombs

fishing-bombs-1 fishing-bombs-2

This game is not like any other ordinary fishing game. You have to go deep down into the water to catch fishes with BOMBS. It’s a perfect opportunity to observe and enjoy the ocean-life while you are going to capture fish by shooting bombs.

You will be provided with 50 bombs each time you start playing this game, and you can use these bombs to catch fish just by tapping the screen.

The bigger fish you catch, the more points you earn. It’s also possible to capture multiple fishes at a time.

19. Desktop Fishing

desktop-fishing-1 desktop-fishing-2

Try this game and I can bet that you will be addicted to it. It’s a great opportunity to catch a variety of fishes.

It’s one of the most realistic fishing game you have ever played. Your fishing line may break, and you will face much more trouble while you are fishing.

And it’s also pretty tough to catch fish in this game.

20. Freddy’s Fishing Fun

freddys-fishing-fun-1 freddys-fishing-fun-2

All you are required to do in this game is- assisting Freddy to capture some fish.

21. Happy Fishing

happy-fishing-1 happy-fishing-3

It’s a quite unusual and exciting flash game where you need to collect a certain number of fish to move on to the following levels.

You should take an attempt to capture the additional bait as well as the time power-ups to make the way to the goal smooth and quick.

22. Sue Fishing Queen

sue-fishing-queen-1 sue-fishing-queen-2

Welcome to the Sue Fishing Queen game where you will catch fish with Sue. You have to catch enough fishes to advance to the next level.

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