Fish Eating Games

In some of these games, you will start as a small fish and will need to make your way through by eating smaller fish. You will soon begin to grow slowly, and thus you will be able to eat even more and bigger fish.

In other games, your goal may be a little different. You will not only eat small fish but also destroy boats and ships, and eat humans, who fall into the water.

Begin your incredible fishing adventure now! Show no mercy, make big eating combos and eat your way to the top.

Fish Eat Grow Big 1 300x180 - Fish Eat Grow Big

Fish Eat Grow Big

0 12
The principal rule in this game is to eat smaller fish to survive. As you eat small fish, you get bigger and thus can…
doggy dive 300x180 - Doggy Dive

Doggy Dive

0 11
Discover a fantastic underwater world in Doggy Dive! Get into the water and dive as deep as you can. Collect air bubbles and coins…
fish eat fish 302x180 - Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish

0 10
This is a little game where you play piranha, the objective of the sport is to develop large fish, you have to eat smaller…
salmonz io game 300x180 - Salmonz (.io)

Salmonz (.io)

0 7
Salmonz is a distinctive multiplayer platform game with cool sea-based gameplay. You get to control a salmon that’s swimming in the ocean – you…
Feed Us 1 - Feed Us

Feed Us

0 84
Feed Us – an excellent piranha game for the fans of fast-paced and savage fishing games. To reach the next level, you need to…
Feed Us 2 - Feed Us 2

Feed Us 2

0 85
Welcome to another part of this superb, gruesome and ruthless video game. The purpose of this game is similar to in the first version…
Feed Us 4 Xmas Xpension - Feed Us 4 Xmas Xpansion

Feed Us 4 Xmas Xpansion

0 81
Welcome to Feed Us 4 – Xmas Xpansion! This time around you are in the North Pole and discover your brand-new victims! As in…
Feed Us 3 - Feed Us 3

Feed Us 3

0 84
Welcome to the 3rd part of the fantastic, bloodthirsty fishing game! The overall game is recommended to the ones who like savage and murderous…
Feed Us 4 - Feed Us 4

Feed Us 4

0 93
Welcome to the 4th part of the excellent and savage fishing game. The overall game is recommended to those who like this sort of…
Feed Us 5 - Feed Us 5

Feed Us 5

0 107
Welcome to Feed Us 5, the final game in the “feed us” series. A gruesome and savage fishing game! The game is recommended for…
Feed Us Lost Island - Feed Us Lost Island

Feed Us Lost Island

0 81
Savage piranhas go into action again! Your method to rule is to swallow all you find on the way, boats with persons and other…
moby dick 2 300x180 - Mobi Dick 2

Mobi Dick 2

0 117
Welcome to this wonderful shark fishing game – Moby Dick 2! Even if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, you still…
mobydick 1 - Moby Dick

Moby Dick

0 94
It’s a very classical type survival game that’s backed by the Fishy game. Take the role of a giant white whale and try to…
fishy - Fishy


0 313
Very simple game with very straightforward rules. Consume smaller fishes to grow up. But be cautious about the bigger fishes as if they find…

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