Fish Eating Games

In some of these games, you will start as a small fish and will need to make your way through by eating smaller fish. You will soon begin to grow slowly, and thus you will be able to eat even more and bigger fish.

In other games, your goal may be a little different. You will not only eat small fish but also destroy boats and ships, and eat humans, who fall into the water.

Begin your incredible fishing adventure now! Show no mercy, make big eating combos and eat your way to the top.

1. Moby Dick 2

Moby-Dick-2-2 Moby-Dick-2-3

Let’s get started with Moby Dick 2. Play the game as the big white whale named “Moby Dick”.

Dominate the seas and start destroying all boats and ships. Consume all living animals and don’t forget to take a breath. Earn points and upgrade yourself.

You are free to improve your speed, size, boost, health, diving, regeneration, toughness, hunger, breath, and bonus.

There are 40 different achievements that you may unlock. Consume and destroy everything before you, including sea animals, birds, humans, ships, boats and so forth. Go to the surface to take a breath.

You will be addicted to this game due to its fantastic realistic animation and excellent graphics quality.

2. Moby Dick

moby-dick-2 moby-dick-1

It’s a very classical type survival game that’s backed by the Fishy game.

Take the role of a giant white whale and try to survive the longest possible time. Consume octopuses and all other things that you see moving.

You have to kill the whale hunters to earn bonus points. You have to use your mouse to move the whale and to use the boost, just click on your mouse. It’s a truly fun game.

3. Feed Us: Lost Island

feed-us-lost-island-1 feed-us-lost-island-2

Bloodthirsty piranhas are back into the action. Your aim will be devouring all the things you can find on your way, including humans. Eat the people alive as soon as they fall from the boat.

Try to have a combo so that you can earn more points. You will be provided with a specific mission on each level, and you must have to complete it to proceed to the next step.

4. Sea Eater

fish-eating-gamessea-eater-1 fish-eating-gamessea-eater-2

Straightforward and easy task – eat more and more fishes and get larger to survive the attack of bigger fish than you.

You can consume the fishes that are a bit bigger than you. But don’t even think of eating a much bigger fish; because in that case, you will be eaten up instead. Stay away from much larger fishes, as when they will see you; they will eat you instantly.

As the game progress, you will be rewarded with various types of boosters that will help to have extra power, health, speed and much other stuff.

5. Hungry Piranha

hungry-piranha-1 hungry-piranha-2

Welcome to the world of bloodthirsty Piranha. It’s another awesome fish game where you have to consume the smaller fishes to make yourself bigger.

Your aim will be eating the maximum possible smaller fishes to get bigger and earn a lot of points.

Grow up and eat the fishes that are smaller than you. Keep yourself away from the larger fishes, as they can eat you up within a second and also beware of the hungry sharks.

6. Feed Us 5

feed-us-5-1 feed-us-5-2

In Feed Us 5, you need to accomplish different tasks in each of the levels. Perform certain required moves in each level to pass it and advance to the next level.

You are required to kill people and consume their blood as like every bloodthirsty piranha. If you are under the age of 18, you are not allowed to play this violent and gruesome game.

7. Feed Us 4

feed-us-4-2 feed-us-4-3

It’s the fourth part of the Feed Us series. Take the role of the bloodthirsty piranha and try to get away from the plane at the beginning of the game.

Once you succeed to destroy the aircraft, you will get back to your natural home, the water. And now, it’s the time to start the bloody adventure. Like the previous parts of this game series, the rules will be unchanged.

Devour a certain number of humans and collect a certain amount of blood, so that you can pass the current level and move on to the following level.

To be faster and stronger, upgrade your piranha. If you are under 18, we recommend you not to play this game.

8. Feed Us 4: Xmas Xpansion

feed-us-xmas-4-1 feed-us-xmas-4-2

Now you are in the North Pole, and all you need to do is- finding your new victims. Like the previous parts of this game, your goal will be hunting down humans, the most favorite victims of bloodthirsty piranhas.

Upgrade your spine, scales, jaws, fins and speeds. But, you need to suck human blood to improve and upgrade your piranha. Watch out for the things that may destroy you.

Upgrading is necessary to have more power and speed.

9. Feed Us 3

feed-us-3-2 feed-us-3-3

Let’s enjoy the fantastic gruesome bloodthirsty game “Feed Us 3”. Try this one only if you love to play bloody games.

Like the previous parts of this game, your task will be flipping off the sailor’s boats and sink those deep into the water. And then attack the humans when they fall from the ships.

Kill the people and consume their blood. But, in this part, you also need to focus on the current, wind and weather.

Beware of the sharks as they are capable of eating you. Also, watch out for the jellyfish as you can get burnt by them. And also stay away from motor boats as it can cut you.

10. Feed Us 2

feed-us-2-2 feed-us-2-1

Let’s start feed us 2, one of the most fantastic, bloodthirsty and gruesome game. In order to advance to the next, you have to collect a fixed amount human blood.

You have to be violent enough to flip the boat of the sailors, and then you need to strike them repeatedly to make them bleeding enough blood.

This bloodthirsty game is prohibited for the kids under 18.

11. Feed Us

feed-us-1-2 feed-us-1-1

Are you passionate about blood-thirsty games? If yes, then this game is just for you. To pass each level, you have to collect a fixed amount of human blood.

You need to collect blood to purchase the upgrades. You are free to kill as many people as you can for collecting the human blood. Knock down people from their boat and meet your blood thirst.

12. Fishy

fishy-2 fishy-1

Very simple game with very straightforward rules. Consume smaller fishes to grow up. But be cautious about the bigger fishes as if they find you, they will eat you instantly.

The more you eat fish, the more you grow quickly and earn points.  Try to consume comparatively big fishes to grow fast. To control your movement, you can use the arrow keys.

13. Evolvo

evolvo-1 evolvo-3

It’s a very well developed game, yet not unique from other fishing flash games. A quite simple rule – eat the smaller fishes and stay away from the larger ones, as you need to survive and develop. In different depths of water, you will face 76 different species of fishes.

14. Ocean Odyssy

shark-odyssy-2 shark-odyssy-1

In this absorbing Shark game, you will continue to get bigger as you are required to keep eating all those fishes that are smaller than you. But, watch out for the piranhas and sharks as they are waiting eagerly for the moment when you will commit a mistake and they will eat you alive.

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