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Use arrow keys or W, A, S, D to go.
Spacebar - Evolution Ability.
P - Pause.
Q - Quality.
M - Mute.

Game Details


Before you is greatly addictive and exciting fishing game that will fill your free time with a great experience.

In this game, your main purpose is to evolve more and more. You must eat all of the fish that are smaller than you so that you can grow and evolve.

But you have to remember that you don’t eat fish that are bigger than you because if you approach the fish that are bigger than you, you can be their foodstuff, and in cases like this you lose the game.

You begin as an extremely small fish and your goal is to be bigger and greater while avoiding a range of predators which will be around you. Fun and leisure await you in this splendid fishing game, Evolvo.

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