Feed Us Lost Island

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Feed Us Lost Island

Savage piranhas go into action again! Your method to rule is to swallow all you find on the way, boats with persons and other creatures. When people fall into the water, your task is to eat them alive to the bone. Make an effort to generate a combo so that you can win more points. 

In each level, you’ll get a specific mission that you need to complete so that you can proceed to another level. Your tasks may change throughout the missions. In some missions, you need to sink a particular amount of boats while in others to kill a number of people or to gather a certain amount of blood. 

Followers of bloodthirsty fishing games will enjoy this game! Support ferocious piranhas and get revenge by consuming people, swallow them alive to win more items, avoid obstacles and various items which will be on your way and eat all you find on the way.

Enjoy playing this amazing, exciting and complicated shark fishing game! 

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