Mobi Dick 2

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Use mouse to go. Left click to change your speed. Spacebar - the upgrade screen.

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Mobi Dick 2

Welcome to this wonderful shark fishing game – Moby Dick 2! Even if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, you still have the possibility to play a game predicated on the “Moby Dick” book, except that in this video game you play the function of the enormous white whale that eats and destroys everything in its course.

You will be Moby Dick, the colossal whale which dominates the seas. Your aim is definitely to destroy all ships and boats, eat every living creature, breath every once in a while, not to mention upgrades!

You can upgrade your size, speed, overall health, increase, diving, toughness, regeneration, breath, hunger, and reward. You can unlock the 40 unique achievements! Eat and damage everything you can catch in the path, humans, birds, additional sea pets or animals, boats, ships.

Remember that every once in awhile, go to the surface area to breathe.
Incredibly addictive game, with superb graphics and computer animation. The game is made for all age range. Have fun with this great Moby Dick game!

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