Hungry Shark Games

Play one of the best shark fishing games from our hungry shark games collection! Your task is pretty simple – kill everything you get in your way with your deadly sharp teeth – smaller fish, boats, big ships and even people.

No one is safe from a bloodthirsty and hungry shark that you control. Swim through oceans, jump up and down and destroy anything and everything that humans prepare for you.

Most famous and most played shark fishing games for everyone! For every shark games fans out there, get ready for a bloody adventure and ultimate destruction!

Shark Attack 300x180 - Shark Attack

Shark Attack

0 37
Did you ever wonder what is the life span of a shark? Well, it depends on how much food it can find in the…
Shark io 300x180 - Shark (.io)

Shark (.io)

0 31
Play shark io game with other players online and become the biggest fish in the ocean. You do that by eating smaller fish than…
mad shark - Mad Shark

Mad Shark

0 21
Eat fish, collect stars, life, super features and various improvements and destroy submarines, mines, missiles and radioactive barrels! UP and Down to move and…
jumpy shark - Jumpy Shark

Jumpy Shark

0 22
You are the Jumpy Shark. Mightiest fish of Underwater! Your mission is very simple to avoid the enemies and collect coins and diamonds. Tap…
fat shark - Fat Shark

Fat Shark

0 21
This shark is starving, feed him with some fishes, but be careful, the more he eats, the more he’ll get fat and won’t avoid…
The Killer Whale - The Killer Whale

The Killer Whale

0 152
Are you set for an incredible action in the water? If you are you then are in the proper place. Your survival rule is…
Los Angeles Shark - Los Angeles Shark

Los Angeles Shark

0 76
Yeah, the shark is now in LA. So, it’s time to show the real SHARK style to blow off the city. Are you prepared…
Sydney Shark - Sydney Shark

Sydney Shark

0 94
You are a savage shark, and your task is to devastate and slaughter everything that’s on your way. As a way to break and…
Miami Shark - Miami Shark

Miami Shark

0 112
Experience a wild ride and complete every task of the Miami Shark’s action-packed daily routine. You are just going to be surprised to see…
Prehistoric Shark - Prehistoric Shark

Prehistoric Shark

0 93
You happen to be in prehistoric times, and you happen to be ruthless prehistoric shark which has the only one goal, and that’s to…
New York Shark Attack - New York Shark Attack

New York Shark Attack

0 110
Before you is another part of the fantastic shark game, this story is going on in today’s metropolis of NY. Massacre yachts, boats, aeroplanes,…
Medieval Shark 1 - Medieval Shark

Medieval Shark

0 109
You are a medieval bloodthirsty shark. Your method to rule the seas is to devour and destroy everything around the corner! You can be…

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