New York Shark Attack

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A or Ctrl - Bite
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New York Shark Attack

Before you is another part of the fantastic shark game, this story is going on in today’s metropolis of NY. Massacre yachts, boats, aeroplanes, balloons and far much more. You can also eliminate King Kong!

You are a legendary shark that brings terror and destroying everything it gets along the way! Destroy and slaughter as much to earn maximum tips and the top score. This game is quite exciting, fun and imaginative, and everyone will like it.

Show just how much you happen to be skilled in the destruction and sinking of ships, planes, and eliminating humans. Your task is relatively simple – destroy all you find, sink and kill. Crash boats and make an effort to bite aircraft to draw them into the normal water. Don’t ignore the dive deep and keep coming back up for a brilliant jump! Have an excellent shark adventure!

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