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Play one of the best shark fishing games from our shark hunting games collection! Your task is pretty simple – kill everything you get in your way with your deadly sharp teeth – smaller fish, boats, big ships and even people.

In these shark fishing games online, no one is safe from a bloodthirsty shark that you control. Swim through oceans, jump up and down and destroy anything and everything that humans prepare for you.

Most famous and most played shark fishing games for everyone! For every shark games fans out there, get ready for a bloody adventure and ultimate destruction!

1. Medieval Shark

medieval-shark-1 medieval-shark-2

Play as a medieval bloodthirsty shark and consume everything you can see before you. You have to encounter and handle many attacks from both the air, the shore and even the water.

You have the sharpest teeth of the world which can tear apart anything and can pass through any object, especially the human flesh.

Protect yourself and maintain your existence to prove that you are the best robust and vicious shark from medieval times.

The more you consume and destroy, the more you earn points in order to win the game. Destroy houses, boats, and windmills. Burn the villages and also slaughter all the water creatures come across your way using the medieval ax.

2. New York Shark

new-york-shark-attack-1 new-york-shark-attack-2

The background of this game is contemporary; the location is the New York City. It’s mainly another part of the amazing shark game series.

Damage and destroy boats, yachts, balloons, airplanes and a lot of many things. You are even capable of killing a King Kong.

You will play the game as the mighty legendary shark, which is capable of creating an empire of terror and devastation. And you need to ruin everything on your way. To earn the highest score, kill and destroy the maximum possible things.

Remember the deep dive in order to perform a super jump.

3. Prehistoric Shark

prehistoric-shark-2 prehistoric-shark-3

It’s a kind of interesting game where you will play the role of a bloodthirsty prehistoric shark, which is very dangerous and only aims to destroy everything on its way.

You need to choose the shark before you start playing this game. And then eat the highest possible animals and humans to earn the highest points.

And also you have to knock down everything in your way, including trees, ships, dinosaurs and prehistoric humans. Take control of everything like an actual prehistoric shark.

4. Miami Shark

miami_shark-1 miami_shark-2

Experience a wild ride and complete every task of the Miami Shark’s action packed daily routine. You are just going to be surprised to see the required mayhem and destruction of this game.

5. Sydney Shark

sydney-shark-1 sydney-shark-2

You have an obligation to take control of the shark and then operate it well to eat and crash things in order to get points. For mega explosions, you need to bring down the air crafts.

6. Los Angeles Shark

los-angeles-shark-1 los-angeles-shark-2

Yeah, the shark is now in LA. So, it’s time to show the real SHARK style to blow off the city.

Are you prepared to destroy the city like a storm? Start eating animals and destroying everything before you get killed like a smoked salmon.

7. The Killer Whale

the-killer-whale-1 the-killer-whale-2

You are the one who can aid the killer whale to Help the killer whale to get away from the aquarium. The more you kill and destroy, the more your rage increases.

But be careful about your energy too. Whether you love to play murder, demolition related games, then you will certainly like this game.

Always attempt to obtain the highest score to make a great move to the next level.

8. Shark Mountain

shark-mountain-1 shark-mountain-2

As a shark, your aim will be safeguarding your mountain from a great deal of mountaineers who try to destroy it.

All you need to do is – swimming and eating them alive before they can break the ice. So, you better be faster.

Therefore, eat them all and save your home. The more you eat, the more you earn points.

9. Mad Shark

mad-shark-1 mad-shark-2

This is quite crazy game. Play the game as a bloody shark and attempt to break out from the evil experiments. Try to escape and go as far as possible before they get you and kill you.

You have to eat up everything on your way to maintain your energy and revive yourself.

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