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Game: Prehistoric Shark

You happen to be in prehistoric times, and you happen to be ruthless prehistoric shark which has the only one goal and that's to destroy whatever is in its path! Get ready to terminate everything found in your sight.

Prior to starting with slaughter select which shark you intend to take up as you've got a selection of four sharks. The aim of the game is to crush as many animals and prehistoric human beings. You can eliminate them in the water or you can eliminate on land.

To kill a number of prehistoric animals on land you will need to jump out from the water. To do that you must dive into the water underneath and emerge quickly to the top and then attack whatever you can.

Have the massacre and make an effort to win as many points as you can! Hit trees, damage ships, eliminate the dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures and dominate as an authentic prehistoric shark!

This shark game is bloody, demanding, addictive, fun and interesting, everyone should play it, especially fans of shark video games. It is not really a hard game, your only job is normally to eat and eliminate everything around the corner. Have fun with this magnificent Prehistoric Shark game!

Instructions: Use arrow keys to move.
A - Attack.
Esc - Pause.

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